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Celebrate Dinosaur Snail Mail with Mudpuppy!

Editors at California-based, a site for involved parents, reviewed thousands of educational games, toys, gadgets, and books, and from these, chose Mudpuppy products for their Gift Guide 2012!

Singled out for their perfect combination of fun and learning are two of our own favorites:

Dinosaurs Create-A-Card sets:'s Gift Guide review begins: "Forget evites, email and Facebook: snail mail is back with the charming Dinosaur Create-a-Card kit, a whimsical, adorable set that makes penning letters fun for young kids."  They recommend the card for First Graders.

Dinosaurs Create-a-Cards











Each portfolio package holds 10 ready-to-decorate note cards in 2 designs, 6  sheets of stickers, and 12 primordial green decorative envelopes.


Robots Flip & Draw books are also part of the Gift Guide, and recommended for Second Graders: "During the next play time, unplug for a while with Flip and Draw Robots, a coloring book with enough moving parts to satisfy your button-hungry kid."

Robots Flip & Draw











Thanks, perceptive Editors!

By the way, we have a whole collection of DINOSAUR and  ROBOT gifts!


Dinsoaurs card detail












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