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Dino crop
Both kids and adults have been drawn to dinosaurs for years. Maybe that’s why both Mudpuppy and The American Museum of Natural History are showcasing these extinct creatures.

The American Museum of Natural History currently has a special exhibit, “The World’s Largest Dinosaurs”, dedicated to our pre-historic friends.

The special exhibit, open till January 2nd, 2012, lets you learn all about sauropods. Sauropods are known for their long necks and long tails.100 pieceYou can spot these dinosaurs on almost all of our Mudpuppy dinosaur products.

See them roam in our 100 Piece and Floor puzzles.

FloorOr take them on your own adventure with a Mini Playscene or Create-A-Card.
CreateWho isn't fascinated with dinosaurs? Hurry in to see “The World’s Largest Dinosaurs” and grab a puzzle before they, too, become extinct.




Store of the Month-Pigtails & Crewcuts

This month we decided to feature a store dedicated to children!

Pigtails & Crewcuts is a full service salon, just for kids. Your child can get their haircut by a professional while playing at the same time. They have special salon chairs; police cars, fire engines and airplanes, as well as games and toys to make your child’s haircutting experience fun and unique!

You can even host a birthday party at Pigtails & Crewcuts. They have lots of themes to choose from, like Ahoy Matey, Pretty Little Princess and Let’s Luau. And Pigtails & Crewcuts lets them remember their very special day with a goody bag!

Mudpuppy has been selling to numerous Pigtail & Crewcuts stores since 2008. You can find children playing with our popular Magnetic Figures from Maryland to California, and even Hawaii!

Mag figTake your child to your nearest Pigtails & Crewcuts and let them have a blast while they get a haircut.




National Ice Cream Day!

Ice cream crop
Did you know that July is "National Ice Cream Month"; and that the third Sunday of July is "National Ice Cream Day"?

I guess that means a great big, “Happy National Ice Cream Day” is in order!

I know we don’t need an excuse to eat ice cream, but if one is given to us we won’t argue. Our only real choice today is what kind of ice cream we should eat and in what form?

Should we try our hand at making our own ice cream with the Simple Strawberry Ice Cream recipe from the Galison Warhol Desserts Recipe Portfolio?


Or perhaps we should keep it simple and go with The All-American Sundae.

SundaeWhatever we choose I’m sure it will be delicious! And we hope everyone can enjoy some ice cream today and that you’ll have a very happy "National Ice Cream Day"!




Galison Gets Creative


Who says a Sticky Note has to be used to jot down a reminder; or a Coaster is only useful when holding a glass?

Galison doesn’t.

We’ve gotten a little creative in using some of our own products in unconventional ways lately and we thought we’d share them with you.

Some Galison Bon Voyage Sticky Notes made great cupcake toppers for a going away party we had at our offices. The four flag sized sticky notes, folded in half around a toothpick, were the perfect way to decorate some “Bon Voyage” cupcakes and give the proper send off.


And our creativity didn’t stop there. We were in need of some new key chains. And since we didn’t have any lying around we thought why not create our own.

A hole in the top of a Tin Coaster with a simple key ring is all it took to add a little pizzazz to some office keys.

If you have any fun uses for Galison or Mudpuppy products we would love to see them. As they say “necessity is the mother of invention”!




School Days Sale!


Even though school was just let out for the year, here, in New York City, it's never too early to plan ahead for the next school year. (Unless maybe you're a kid!)

You can keep your child's workspace in order, and cute at the same time, with Mudpuppy Pencil Holders, Pocket Folders and Sticky Notes.

StickynotesAnd now you can do it all at 40% off!

All Mudpuppy "School Days" products are on sale for a limited time. All you have to do is enter coupon code ZZZ3 at checkout, hit update, and voilá you save 40% instantly.

Pirate folder Your kid's may not be excited right now, but come September they'll be showing off those Robot Pocket Folders to all their friends and you'll be the coolest mom or dad in town.



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