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Dandelions appear in sidewalk cracks and lawns across the country every spring. Some of us think of dandelions as a weed, or nuisance, and try as hard as we can to get rid of them, but maybe we should start looking at dandelions in a new light.

  Dandelion greens can be eaten and are quite healthy for you; you’ve probably had some in your mesclun salad mix. And the flowers can be used to make dandelion wine or even jelly.  

Galison didn’t venture into the jelly making field, but we did use the dandelion as inspiration for some of our stationery.2434_5_main

EVERY_dandelion We hope the bright yellow pattern will make you feel like your outdoors, running in a dandelion field.

And maybe the dandelion isn’t a “weed” after all!




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