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Cherry Blossoms

It’s that time of year again - the cherry trees are blossoming!

Cherry tree fix The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. began on Saturday and runs till April 10th. And today, March 29th, just so happens to be the “peak day” to view all those blooms.  

But don’t think Washington, D.C. is the only one celebrating cherry blossoms. Our very own Brooklyn Botanical Garden has a month long celebration for the cherry blossom season; April 2nd – May 1st.

And Galison loves cherry blossoms so much that we used these beautiful blossoms on some of our own products!

Sticky notesIf you can’t make it to a cherry blossom festival near you maybe one of our Portfolio Notes or a Sticky Note can help you celebrate your own cherry blossom festival!




Drumming up Business

History buffs, take note! Recently, Galison’s Private Label team developed two custom projects for the Pennsylvania Heritage Society; a Drum Puzzle and Correspondence Set. They will use both items to complement traveling exhibits and programs that commemorate Pennsylvania’s 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

The State Museum of Pennsylvania is home to a vast collection of historic memorabilia, including a period drum used during the Battle of Gettysburg (1863). Our task was to create a puzzle container that would replicate the design and shape of this historic drum. To accomplish this, our first step was to tweak the dimensions of our popular Mudpuppy 63 Piece Puzzle format to make the packaging squatter and wider.  We then had to seam 32 individual pictures of the drum together to simulate a 3D image. Finally, we increased the dimensions, 18" x 14" to 29" x 14", and piece count, 63 to 425, of the puzzle, to make it more challenging for its adult audience. The puzzle stored inside the newly designed drum depicts Peter Rothermel's painting, "Battle of Gettysburg: Pickett's Charge".

Drum1 In addition to the Drum, we designed a Civil War Correspondence Set utilizing our Galison Stationery Set format. As we learned, soldiers of the Civil War were prolific letter writers. Decorated stationery and envelopes were widely used and often featured patriotic designs and slogans. Using ephemera from The Library Company of Philadelphia, a collage design was created to serve as the packaging artwork. Our in-house designer then created a pattern to simulate aged and faded paper for the sheets and envelopes in the interior.

Stationery1 For more information about Pennsylvania’s statewide anniversary programming, visit: http://www.pacivilwar150.com.

Have a look at the National Park Service’s Gettysburg Battle Field web site for a virtual tour and a lot of interesting information. http://www.nps.gov/archive/gett/getttour/main-ms.htm


~Lauren & Shannon



Today is the first official day of spring so we thought a post on our spring themed items seemed appropriate.

We love it as the days continue to get longer and warmer and take inspiration in the beauty that spring brings. Both Galison and Mudpuppy have tons of products to show just how much we love spring!

You can go out in the garden or to the horse ranch with Mudpuppy.Bugs

Horse ranch
And enjoy the flowering trees, butterflies and chirping birds with Galison.Cherry stickyButterflies
BirdsHappy first day of spring everyone we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!





GalisonMudpuppy_LogoHave you ever wanted to see Galison make invitations? Or Mudpuppy create a bath toy?

Now is your chance to help both Galison and Mudpuppy come up with new and exciting products that you have always wanted, but weren’t able to find.

We love hearing from our customers about what products they would enjoy, or how to improve on something we already make. So pull all those ideas from the back of your brain and see if Galison/Mudpuppy can create the perfect journal, finger puppet, puzzle, etc., that you have always envisioned.

 The ideas are endless and no idea is too large or small.

Leave a comment here on our blog, go to our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/galisonmudpuppy, and join in the “discussion”, or send us an email at ideas@galison.com.

We can’t wait to hear back and see what everyone comes up with!




Big Book of Packaging

Our Galison design team has just received news that a number of Galison products will be featured in this year’s The Big Book of Packaging!  

The Big Book of Packaging is a comprehensive guide showcasing the most innovative designs in packaging from around the world.

The book is a great resource for the future of packaging and design; and this year 1/3 of the book is dedicated to the “green” movement.

Galison also supports going green with a line of 100% recycled products including Notecards, Notebooks and Notepads. Just because it is good for the environment doesn’t mean it can’t look pretty too!


Some of our Galison Private Label products also made the book!  Galison or Mudpuppy can customize a format to suit your needs; like these custom sticky note boxes we designed and made exclusively for Anthropologie.BookOfPackaging8 We don’t want to spoil everything in the book, so we're just showing a small peak of what you will find when the book is release in late March.BookOfPackaging3

BookOfPackaging11 You can see all the featured Galison products by purchasing The Big Book of Packaging when it hits shelves March 22nd.



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